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About Flat Earth models

Hello, truth researcher, The company was founded in 2020.
You know how difficult it is to find a decent Flat Earth gift or model. I myself once ran into this problem. After a long search, I decided to create the models myself that I would like to see in my collection. And now I am pleased to present to your attention the models of the Flat Earth developed and created in my workshop.

I chose wood as the main material for creating my models as I am sure that only natural materials can breathe life into the product. I am constantly working on improving and creating new models. All models are hand sanded to a high shine. Then they are coated with natural linseed oil with beeswax. They have a natural pleasant wood smell and are absolutely safe.
You can be sure that by ordering one of my models you will get what you have been looking for so long. 

Сontact me and I will help you choose the best model, delivery, personalization and discount option. I guarantee you quality, uniqueness, and fast delivery anywhere in the world.