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Flat Earth globe. 1

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Flat Earth globe for sale.
New flat earth globe model. Amazing detail. Attention to every detail. Small size. You can take it with you and show others the truth.

The Flat Earth globe is made of natural 150 year old oak. Sanded and hand painted with natural oils and water-based paint. Only natural materials.
-Size 6 inch
-Best gift for Flat Earther
-Large selection of models
-Free shipping
-24/7 customer support
-100% Customer satisfaction

Choose a Flat Earth model for yourself or friends. Show them the truth.
You can order any text or picture of your choice for free.
Good souvenir or gift for any Flat Earth believer or your Flat Earther friend who believes that Earth is flat and keeps that theory beliefs.
*There is no tree with the same color structure. Model are made from Oak. The color of one and the same tree varies from dark brown to light brown.

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